The most accurate Reference Material for Zeta Potential measurements
  • preciZe is used to verify the correct operation of any instrument measuring the surface potential by electrophoretic light scattering (i.e. Malvern Zetasizers)
  • Zeta Potential value of preciZe is -35.0 ± 4.0 mV
  • preciZe is provided in 2.0 mL graduated vials (box of 6) containing a well defined amount of dried powder, easy to disperse in water and to be used
  • preciZe box can be stored at room temperature, remaining stable over more than 12 months
  • preciZe is based on a stable aqueous dispersion of engineered monodispersed nanoparticles. The pH of preciZe solution is 7.0
  • Each batch is fully tested in order to guarantee the specifications

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