Silica Nanoparticles

Monodisperse nanoparticles with available size ranging from 20 to 150 nm. HiQ-Nano Silica Nanoparticles have a hydrophilic surface with terminal Si-OH functional groups and are extremely stable in organic solvents and aqueous buffers.

  • Tunable sizes from 20 nm to 150 nm
  • Available in water with any surfactants or as dried powder
  • Possibility to modulate the surface chemistry:
    • carboxylic acid groups (COOH)
    • amino groups (NH2)
    • sulphonic acid groups (SO3H)
    • thiol groups (SH)
    • hydrophobic trimethylsilyl (TMS) surface
    • hydrophobic trimethylsilyl octadecyl (C18) surface
  • Possibility of customized bioconjugation with proteins:
    • Avidin
    • Streptavidin
    • Albumin
    • Transferrin
    • Antibody
    • Enzymes
  • Guaranteed-sterility
  • ** Endotoxin-free Silica Nanoparticles available upon request


Our prices are very competitive in relation to the quality we are able to deliver to our customers. Feel free to contact us for specific inquiries, technical questions and quote requests. Furthermore, we will be happy to provide a wide range of customized nanoparticles to meet your specific demands.